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One of the goals of The Learning Station is to be a place where everyone in the group feels a sense of unity and encouragement.  In light of that goal, behaviors such as public displays of affection (kissing, touching, handholding, sitting close, etc.), between students, are not to take place during Upper Level /co op classes, rehearsals, or field trips.  If there is a difficulty in this area the problem will be brought to the Learning Station Chairman/Steering Committee to be addressed in an appropriate manner.

Electronic Devices

During class, students are not permitted to use cell phone/iPods/MP3 or any other electronic devices.  If a teacher observes a student using these devices, the item is to be taken from student and given to their parent.  If a student is using an iPad or other device for taking notes, they should get the teacher’s permission first.

Study Hall is an exception to this policy.  Learning Station hopes to foster an environment where both academic learning and social interaction take place side by side. To support this we are asking that students refrain from playing computer or other video type games during the morning hours. Students are welcome to play games during the lunch break and afternoon. We ask that games be rated T (Teen) or lower and that those playing them sit with the screen facing a wall so that other students walking by cannot easily see the games. It is okay for other teens to sit around to watch or play each other

Dress Code:

Teachers, Monitors, and Students will wear modest clothing reflecting Christ and showing respect toward others. Clothing, jewelry and hairstyles should not be distracting.

1.  Shirts that are midriff style, tank tops, have spaghetti straps, or revealing necklines are not permitted.   Modest sleeveless shirts are permitted.

2.  Shirts and pants must meet when standing or sitting.  Pants must be worn at or above the hips.

3.  Clothing which advertises or promotes alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, or any other worldly activity, will not be worn.

4.  Shorts or skirts will be no shorter than “fingertip” length.

Weapons Policy

Students may not possess, at anytime, a weapon in a vehicle, in any of the church buildings or on the grounds, or during a sponsored activity of LEFC. The definition of “weapon” includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Any knife, cutting instrument, cutting tool, stick, nun-chuck, club, firearm shotgun, rifle, air gun or spring gun. We understand that sometimes a knife or cutting tool is to be used in an activity (e.g., Brigade camping event). In that case, they may be used in a structured and supervised activity. A note will be sent home prior to this activity, stating what time is needed.
  2. Any “look-alike” of any listed above.
  3. Any item intended to be used or being used to inflict bodily injury or property damage.
  4. No items are to be used to make a weapon of any kind, i.e., paper clips, rubber bands, pencils, etc.

Any infraction of the “Weapons Policy” will result in the child being removed from the classroom and his/her parents will be contacted.

Special Needs Policy

Upper Level desires to work with all students and their families to provide a positive learning experience. In most cases our teachers are not trained or experienced in providing an adequate learning environment for students with learning disabilities. Teachers are very willing to work with the student(s) and their parents to find acceptable avenues to keep up with, and show proficiency in the subject matter. It is the parent’s responsibility to contact their child’s teacher porior to the start of co op to discuss their student’s needs and arrange for possible, special accommodations in the classroom or curriculum.

Textbooks/Class Supplies/Field Trips

Parents are responsible to purchase any class textbooks and supplies that are required by the teacher.  Students must have these items with them at the first scheduled class. Text/Supplies needed are listed in the class description on this Upper Level web site.  In some cases the Instructor may send out more information pertaining to books or supplies needed closer to the time classes begin. Some classes may schedule optional field trips.  Any expenses incurred for travel, admission, etc will be the responsibility of the student.


Study Hall Guidelines

Click this link for Study Hall Guidelines

Code of Conduct

We desire Upper Level Students to:

  1. To develop godly character.
  2. To be fully equipped for life. (To do God’s work in this world.) We want our students to be able to make good judgments, solve problems, and to make creative contributions to this world.
  3. To love learning and to be motivated to keep learning all their lives. We want to raise independent learners – learning as a process not a product.
  4. To have opportunities to interact in a group and to function under other adult leadership.
  5. To have the opportunity to create, evaluate, experiment, make choices and take risks.       Whenever possible, we would like the children (not the parents) to do most of the work.
  6. Students are expected to:
  • Respect God
  • Respect Authority
  • Respect Others
  • Respect Property

       7. Parents and teachers are encouraged to bring discipline/behavior problems to the attention of the Upper Level Leadership so they can be addressed in an appropriate manner.

 Tuition Reimbursement Policy

Prior to June 30:

Payment is expected in full at the time of registration. Students have two weeks after registering to withdraw from a class and receive a full refund.  After that time, the class and registration fees will not be refunded unless the class does not have enough students to run.  You will be notified if the class is canceled and your check will be destroyed or returned.  Checks will NOT be deposited until AFTER June 30. Payment can be made by check or money order.

Beginning July 1

Payment is expected in full at the time of registration (including late fee). Once registered, the class and registration fees will not be refunded unless the class does not have enough students to run. You will be notified if the class is canceled and your check will be destroyed or returned.

 Handling of Disagreements with Learning Station Leadership

In the event that a parent, teacher, or student wishes to challenge a decision or action of the leadership affecting their membership or continued involvement in Learning Station they should first air that grievance to the chairman. If there is not resolution at that point, the Chairman will take the concern to the Steering Committee. The SC will then discuss the best steps toward resolution which include but are not limited to:

*having those who feel wronged come to share at a SC meeting

*designating one or more members to work more closely with the situation and report back to the SC

*asking someone in spiritual authority not directly related to the situation to step in and mediate.