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Click this link for Monitor Guidelines

Monitoring Policies

Adults serving as monitors must complete a Kidsafe application. A link to the application will be sent to all new members.  All monitors are expected to read the Kidsafe policy and honor it.   Monitors do not have “direct volunteer contact” with children as defined in § 6303 of the PA Code, therefore, they do not need to submit copies of state or federal background clearances.

The number of times you monitor is in direct relation to the amount of classes your student(s) are registered for. Upper Level Track families monitor for bothe ULA and ULB courses; Co op Track families monitor only for ULA courses.

You will ONLY be scheduled to monitor during times when your student(s) has class.

Monitors will be stationed at a table and are welcome to bring personal things to do but must stay attentive to needs that arise.  Younger children may accompany the monitor as long as they can remain quiet in the halls.  A schedule will be sent to you prior to the beginning of each semester. It is your responsibility to cover your scheduled times but if something comes that you can not it is perfectly acceptable to trade weeks with a different monitor.

Opting Out of Monitoring

It is possible that there will be the option to pay a “Monitor Opt Out Fee” and be relieved of these duties. There is no guarantee that this will work and is completely dependent upon other parents being willing to take on extra monitoring responsibilities.  The fee is $20 for the first registered class and $10 for each class after that. This fee is NOT to be paid with registration.  It will be collected in  the summer months when class selection is set.