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Class Descriptions

Navigating Upper Level Courses

Upper Level courses are divided into two main categories.

ULA courses are taught by Independent Contractors.

ULB courses are those taught by co op track parents.

BOTH ULA and ULB are open to anyone in the co-op or Upper Level track.

Each course description denotes whether the class is for credit or enrichment.

If a student is signed up for a credit course they should expect to have 50-60 hours of work for a half credit (semester long) class and 110-120 hours for a full credit (year long course).  There is a lot of variance in how long a student takes for schoolwork so while the teacher will do their best, a student may need to supplement at home.

Enrichment courses will require some outside of class work, but will not amount to enough hours for a credit course.  Families can combine these courses with other Upper Level courses, or work done at home, to round out a half/full credit or simply use the course as enrichment.

These are simply guidelines to help as you choose a course.