Home School Jr and Sr High Courses

2014-2015 School Year

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Learning Station is a home school group providing two tracks from which to choose. Both tracks meet on a Wednesday in Lititz at Lancaster Evangelical Free Church, 419 Pierson Road, Lititz, PA 17543.

For more information contact Joy at: upperlevelclass@aim.com

In the Upper Level track, families pay for classes for their Jr and Sr High student(s).  The classes will be of a level that enables the student to 1) receive credit towards graduation requirements; 2) have experience taking classes out of the home that have specific deadlines and requirements ; and 3) learn from a variety of teachers that have either high interest in, or special training in their subject area.

Those in Upper Level may also have the opportunity to register children of all ages (not just Jr and Sr High) for Safety Day and Achievement testing if there are open spots after co-op families have signed up. There is also a book sale sponsored by co-op families that Upper Level parents will have early admittance to. 

The Upper Level day begins with a short devotional and group activity that is open to all Upper Level students who wish to join in.

Learning Station Instructors and Upper Level monitors need to submit a Childline Background check and read through LEFC’s KidSafe material.   Additionally, Learning Station instructors are asked to show that they are in agreement with LEFC’s statement of faith.

In the Co op track, families agree to fulfill teaching requirements and provide certain opportunities for each other’s children. If you have interest in learning more about this track, which includes classes for all elementary ages, contact Alice Nelson at anelson@dejazzd.com.